Vaccination center at National Stadium in Santiago de Chile

Workplace permit so that every employee can be vaccinated

While the new regulations (law 21.347) may be enacted within the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, they will cover any future situations in the case of the State designing a public immunisation campaign or programme.

The regulations establish that every employee who falls within the corresponding group of the respective State campaign will have the right to be granted a permit to take half a day off from their place of work to be vaccinated. This benefit will apply to those workers who work a regular working day as well as those who work part time.

For their part, employees must send a written notice to their employer at least two days in advance and must also submit, once vaccinated, the corresponding certificate or document granted by the respective health authority.

This permit may be granted as many times as are required by the vaccination programme. So, if the inoculation programme requires two doses of a certain vaccine, the employee will have the right to take this permit out twice.

For legal purposes, the time taken by the employee to be vaccinated will be included in their pay for all legal effects.
It is important to point out that employers are unable to deny the granting of this permit neither may it be compensated for with money.
The Department of Employment is responsible for overseeing the compliance of these regulations and the corresponding sanctions in the case of the employer failing to comply with their duties.

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