At Englobally Latinoamérica we take care of calculating salary settlements, payroll and social security contributions. Moreover, we study your profiles and contracts paying attention to bonuses, special clauses and other benefits. We also take care of the most complex processes such as: expatriates, hiring and / or managing managerial positions or stock options. With us you will have permanent access to salary reports, related taxes, deductions and quotes from your company. Our professionals will ensure that your company is complying with all the current legislations, taking care of the management of your employees and making them happy. Ask us without further obligation!


We work on everything your company needs to establish itself in a new country. At Englobally Latinoamérica we specialize in national and international regulations and legislation. We help you with:
  • The incorporation of the company in any country in Latin America (also in other contentinents).
  • The coordination and revision of all the necessary initial documentation and the internal labor policies of the company.
  • Affiliation and registration of the company and workers in the corresponding institutions, such as (AFIP, ART, Trade Unions, Social Works, etc.)
  • Human resources management: displaced workers, residents or non-residents.


In Englobally Latinoamérica we offer recurring labor services whenever you may need them:
  • Monthly calculation of salary settlements and social security contributions.
  • Reporting of salaries in a customized format.
  • Assistance in case of labor inspections.
  • Novation of contracts, control of extensions, conversions to indefinite duration contracts.
  • Profiles and contracts examination, considering the bonuses, special clauses and other benefits, both at national and international level.
  • Final liquidations, settlements and compensation calculations.
  • Permanent labor consultancy.