Each country is a world concerning its regulations and laws in the fields of finance, tax, and labor compliance, hence having a specialized service in these matters in the region is an advantage. This will allow your company to have a single point of contact in the case of an M&A transaction involving two or more countries.

Selling or buying a company goes far beyond setting a price. At Englobally Latinoamérica we have a qualified team of professionals that will assist you in the M&A process, with a special focus on Financial Due Diligence. You will obtain an exhaustive financial, tax and labor report of the target company, which includes descriptions, recommendations and risk rating by items. We provide you with an accurate understanding of the business and the market to which the company belongs, as well as the history and evolution of the company up to the moment it moment of the deal.


Labor analysis

  • Complete analysis of the contractual situation of the company’s employees and contractors (typology of contracts and up to date social security payments, etc.).
  • Detection of unrecorded wages and unrecorded benefit payments on wage invoices such
    as bonuses and health insurance.


Tax analysis

  • Income Taxes
  • Income tax withholdings
  • Assumed interest
  • VAT
  • Transfer pricing


Financial analysis

  • Earnings quality
  • Normalized EBITDA
  • Quality of revenues
  • Revenue lines
  • Customer quality
  • Cost structure
  • Working capital
  • Net financial position