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The importance of human capital management

We talked with Darío Díaz – Partner of Englobally Argentina, with more than 20 years of experience in the area of ​​consulting and mergers and acquisitions specialists – about the processes that can help companies make excellent management of their workers.

Darío Díaz Englobally

Human capital not only refers to the number of workers a company has, but also to the degree of training and therefore the productivity of people. Good human resources management is key as it can increase the efficiency of a company.

If a company needs to increase its human capital, how can Englobally Argentina support this process?

We can help with all legal and compliance requirements that need to be taken into account. Calculation of payroll according to the regulations, presentation and payment of legal and social security contributions. All this under certain technology parameters: all documents in digital format so that they can be subsequently reviewed, and confidentiality in the handling of information. In addition, something that is not minor here in Argentina, where regulation changes often and is modified all the time, is the training of our team so that companies can comply with all legal regulations, without incurring possible fines and breaches, since they should be constantly updated if they do it internally.

Why is it so important for a company to have a good management of its workers?

It is very relevant because workers end up being the base or the visible face of companies. If there is a better experience in human treatment, it can be replicated with potential clients. There is a small paradigm shift in recent years, where organizations are more flexible, hierarchical structures are now flatter and more teamwork is done. The fact of having external support in order to comply with all legal requirements, influences the improvement of the work environment and increases the quality of human capital.
There is also a new challenge in terms of talent search, since the relationship between people and work has changed. Employees now look for companies that have a purpose beyond a pursuit for compensation, such a good image, a good working environment, career opportunities. If you want to have a good management of human capital or acquire good talent, you have to rely on all that.

What tools are coming in the near future, which can help the management of workers?

There is a change in the way companies work where it is no longer necessary for all workers to be from the same physical place. Thanks to technology there may be part of a team in another country or location. That’s why new tools must accompany these processes. We in Englobally Argentina we pursue the search of technological solutions for the toughest tasks involved in the management of human capital. We have a platform for companies to inform us about salary changes, bonuses, commissions, etc. so there are no miscommunication or assignment errors. Obviously, we also go to an automation scheme of certain tasks or reports that give employees more access to information. Recently, the legality of the digital signature was established in Argentina, which facilitated the completion of procedures for workers who are not centralized in the same office.

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