With our last generation tools to manage documents, workflows and tasks you will be able to digitize and speed up your accounting, tax and labor processes.

We work with several ERP systems, although our favorite tool is SAP Business One. This tool can support both commercial and productive activity, and help you manage the areas of purchase, logistics, distribution, sales, customer service, finance or reporting. If you have any doubts, we will be happy to solve them!

In addition, we propose a Shared Management system that combines our knowledge in accounting and tax outsourcing with its own technological development, which we call LinkUs. With LinkUs you will have a global, complete and adapted management.

All these services will be supported by our team of professionals who will accompany you in your daily processes as your business grows.



We offer corporate network solutions that facilitate the management of processes, workflows, communities, repositories, projects and other tasks, so your time is as efficient as possible.
With Linkus you will have:

  • Web access web to the electronic document repository (invoices, travel expenses, taxes, etc.).
  • Automated approval workflows for invoices.
  • Automated management of travel expenses.

At Englobally Group we are experts in both processanalysis and automation tools, always finding the technological solution that suits best your company, adapting to your business, legislation and market.
In addition, we advise you to implement a shared management strategy with a single ERP system (Netsuite, Oracle and of course SAP Business One).