In 2022, Chile was Latin America’s third-largest recipient of FDI

The latest Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) report was published last Monday by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC). According to the World Investment Report, FDI in Latin America obtained a historic result in 2022 after reaching US$224,579 million.

Of this total, Brazil led the list after receiving 41%, followed by Mexico with 17%, Chile (9%), Colombia (8%), Argentina (7%), and Peru (5%).

In this regard, the director of InvestChile, Karla Flores, highlighted the South American country’s performance, especially considering that 2022 was a challenging year in which FDI fell 12% globally. “Chile not only managed to increase foreign investment in the midst of a complex year, but also managed to position itself behind the two giants in the region and surpass significantly larger markets, such as Argentina, Colombia and Peru,” said Flores.

Flores elaborated on this analysis and added, “if we adjust the amounts invested in relation to the size of each economy, Chile clearly leads the regional ranking.” Specifically, when analyzing the flow of foreign direct investment to each country’s gross domestic product (GDP), Chile ranks first since the US$ 20,865 million foreign investment it received in 2022 is equivalent to 6.9% of the country’s GDP (US$ 300,729 million).

According to the analysis carried out by InvestChile, Colombia is in second place with FDI flows equivalent to 4.9% of the country’s GDP, Brazil is in third place with 4.8%, followed by Mexico (2.8%) and Argentina (2.4%).

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