Iberoamerican investment and innovation opportunities via startups

The Iberoamerican market is a big oportunity for expansion for Spanish startups, due to the lack of competitors and the shared language.

Englobally participated in the “Iberoamerican investment and innovation opportunities via startups” seminar organized by #iberoamericaempresarial and Expansion in the IED Business School in Madrid on April 19.

Other themes touched on during the event were support for the internationalization in Iberoamerica for Spanish startups, market entry and financial models.


Daniel Soriano
IED Business School,

María Benjumea
Spain Startup

Agustín Moro
Telefónica Open Future

José Luis Zimmerman

Lupina Iturriaga

Bruno Fernández Scrimieri

Antonio Giménez de Córdoba
Seaya Ventures

Mariano Silveyra

Events like this contribute greatly to the development of business opportunities in strong Latin American markets such as Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Brazil.

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