The expansion and adaptation of your business in a new country is a great decision that entails a series of challenges. Whether your company seeks to settle in Uruguay or to expand in new markets, we offer a centralized and secure management.

We want to be your channel of communication with your subsidiaries and local partners, reducing distances and managing all the difficulties that differences in legislation, culture, customs, currencies and language bring along.

We are part of the Englobally Latinoamérica, an international group with expertise in international accounting and labor management and consultancy. We make things easy, trust us and we will help you simplify your international growth.


We supply a centralized coverage for Latin America, but we also cover the European, North American, Asian and Australian markets.

We are more than a thousand professionals of diverse specialties working for you.

Trust us to establish your company in Uruguay or abroad, we will help you with the personnel relocation and the local legislation.

We also offer a single point of contact (One stop shop) and we eliminate linguistic barriers by reporting in the language you prefer.