Besides calculating settlements, we study profiles and contracts considering bonuses, special clauses, and other benefits. You will have permanent access to payroll, taxes, deductions and pricing reports. We pay attention to details. You can be at peace knowing that you are fulfilling with the Mexican legislation. Your employees will be satisfied, which will echoe on the accomplishment of your institutional goals.


  • Incorporation of your business in Mexico: coordination and review of initial documents, as well as company’s internal policies.
  • Registration of the company and employees in the correspondent institutions (Tax Office, Social Security Office).
  • Registration of seconded workers / non-residents.
  • Drafting and adaptation of employment contracts.


  • Implementation and parametrization of payroll.
  • Calculation and preparation of payroll.
  • Recurrent and annual fiscal duties.
  • Labor and fiscal consultancy.
  • Interfaces and reports.
  • Employee’s kiosc.
  • Support service.