In addition to calculating settlements salary and social security contributions, we analyze the profiles and contracts considering the bonuses, special clauses and other benefits. We pay special attention to the most complex processes, such as foreigners, managerial positions or stock options. You will have permanent access to the reports of salaries, taxes, deductions and contributions. We take care of every detail. You will be sure that you will comply with current legislation and your employees will be satisfied.


  • Incorporation of the company in Brazil, coordination and review of the necessary initial documentation and the internal labor policies of the company.
  • Affiliation and registration of the company in the corresponding institutions.
  • Management of displaced, residents or non-residents workers (visa, tax advice, etc.).
  • Drafting and adaptation of employment contracts and their annexes to local regulations.


  • Monthly calculation of settlements salary and social security contributions.
  • Salaries report in custom format.
  • Payment management service: salaries, social security contributions, second category income tax and surrender charges.
  • Assistance in case of labor inspections.
  • Novation of contracts, extension control, conversions to indefinite duration contract.
  • Management of medical licenses.
  • Liquidations, settlements and calculate of compensations.
  • Permanent labor consults.