In addition to calculating salary settlements and social security charges, we help you studying profiles and contracts, taking into account bonuses, special clauses and other benefits.

We pay special attention to more complex processes such as expatriate workers, management positions and stock options.

You will have permanent access to salary reports, 4th category taxes, deductions and quotes.

With our professionals, you will feel the peace of complying with current legislation and your employees will be safe and calm.


We take care of everything your company needs to establish itself in a new country.

  • Incorporation of the company in Argentina
  • Coordination and review of the necessary initial documentation and the internal labor policies of the company.
  • Affiliation and registration of the company and its workers in the corresponding institutions, such as (AFIP, ART, Trade Unions, Social Works, etc.)
  • Management of workers: displaced, residents or non-residents.


We take care of all labor services your company may need:

  • Monthly calculation of salary settlements and social security contributions
  • Reporting salaries in a customized format for you
  • Payment management service: salaries, social security charges, fourth category tax
  • Assistance in case of social security inspections
  • Novation of contracts, control of extensions, conversion to contracts of indefinite duration
  • Management of medical licenses
  • Final settlements, settlements and compensation calculations
  • Permanent labor consulting